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I hope everyone is having a great day so far when you’re reading this. I just woke up, and I am going to yoga class at 9:15, so I hope that will be the beginning of a highly productive day. I am doing yoga every day now as I’ve been advised by doctors instead of just 2-3x week, and I am already noticing a difference in the way my body is feeling. For those of you that don’t know, or haven’t read my previous posts, I have some body issues that are the result of a trickle down effect from spinal problems. I have had scoliosis since I was diagnosed when I was just 11, but it was never bad enough to (thankfully) need a brace or surgery. Because I grew up in dance and was an athlete in my younger life,  my body was muscular enough that I really didn’t need to do anything about it. However, now as I have gotten older, work on a computer or in my art studio all the time and definitely don’t exercise enough, I am starting to have back problems along with the trickle down effect of things going on. For a while before I started this blog last month, I was having chronic daily headaches because of TMJ in my jaw. I saw so many doctors to figure out the cause and what needed to happen, and it turns out it may all be a result of my spine. I was waking up just in pain every day, feeling tired and miserable, and like I didn’t want to do anything. Anyway, to make a long story short, I have been advised to do daily yoga for my mind and body, and that’s what I am doing now. I tell all of you this because TMJ is a more common issue than I think people realize, and I hope that my journey can inspire others to seek out self treatment options that they may not initially thought could have helped them. I know a lot of my jaw pain and tightness stems from stress build up, and doing yoga definitely helps with my stress level.

Thus on to today’s post. I feel that my story concerning my body is relevant; because 1. I want to talk about self treatment on my blog for issues that I am going through..as I often seek out that option before medicine, and 2. I think this ties in with my thoughts toward the color blush and why we all love it so da** much. Haha! Trust me…I do love it. It is one of my absolute favorite colors. It’s all over my house, my wardrobe, my life. It is like a color that speaks to my soul.

I think first of all we love blush because it is a neutral that isn’t really a neutral. It feels more fun than the average white or camel toned dress or top, but it still isn’t ‘loud’ enough to shake up an office meeting in the morning. Not that that is a bad thing..shake up all your morning office meetings. It has been called the new neutral before, and I stand by that. There are very few people out there that I think don’t feel this color works with their complexion…but I disagree. I’ve really never seen someone wearing blush and thought it looked bad on them. Maybe it’s because I just love the color so much. Personally, with the skin tone and hair color I have, it’s a color that i think suits me exceptionally well. It compliments the warm tones in my skin, hair and eyes that I think deserve showing off. I actually like to emphasize the orange tones I have going on instead of attempting to minimize ‘brassiness’. I know a lot of people don’t like orange..but hey everyone is different. So all in all, I think the soft pink compliments other colors so well that really everyone should give it a shot.

Reason 2 that we like blush so da** much is because it’s just such an inherently feminine color. If anyone is all about some princess vibes, it’s me. I love when I wear a blush dress like this one from Versona and just feel like I tried a heck of a lot harder on the outfit than I really did. Something about the loose flowing silhouette and pink shade makes me just feel like a little fairy, when in reality, I was just out getting sorbet. But that is okay; everyone needs a little fantasy in their lives. I attempt to feel like a princess every single day; just one that works really hard. I think wearing this color can make anyone feel like royalty, and it can instantly brighten up a bad day. Someone will see you wearing a dress like this in this shade of pink and they’ll be forced to smile. At least I would.

Blush also looks great with other colors, as you can see in the outfit here. I paired it with a white denim jacket from Blank NYC denim that I purchased second-hand (yay environment!), a vintage gold brooch that is a little ridiculous and I love it. These sandals are from Melissa Shoes, which are recyclable plastic and my bag is jute from Tommy Bahama. Literally I think they are the best brand for summer wardrobe staples. The light natural fabrics, bright colors and fun prints scream summer wardrobe to me. Plus, if you are going to the beach, nothing beats a good pair of linen pants, which I have many from them. But as you can see, the blush works well with the greens and yellows in the print of the actual dress, it makes a great neutral pairing to the white, and I think it sets of the shades of gold really well that I have going on. Oh, my glasses are also from Versona, They are just so Baroque inspired, I had to get them. That is my favorite art period in history, and they definitely loved the array of soft pink shades as well.

Reason 3 that we love blush so much is because as I said before, it can instantly lighten a mood. Maybe these are just the reasons I like it?? But hopefully someone else feels the same. Here is my story tie in.. when I’d wake up feeling bad and with a headache every morning, there’s clothes you can put on that just get you dressed. Then, there’s clothes you can put on that actually make you feel good about yourself. Anytime I am wearing this color, it makes me feel good. Something about it’s subtle warmth, comfort, and tranquility would always settle my mood when I wasn’t feeling good and would put a smile on my face. It’s an easy color to wear when you need to feel a little ‘lifted’.

Plus, it’s terribly pretty.

I paired this fun spring look with an easy ‘no-makeup-makeup’ look that I think compliments it well. Sometimes I wear super bold makeup with tons of eyeshadow colors, glitter, the works. Other days, I do enjoy a very natural look. Honestly, it depends on my mood, what I have going on that day, and whether or not I have the time to spend on it. I love this makeup with this dress and think it is a really easy look to do. If you check out the Shopstyle widget, you’ll see some of the products I used to get this look. Many of them are my favorites too!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Versona (not available online anymore, but check in stores as I think they just rotate product very often) Similar here

Jacket: Blank NYC – Similar, same brand here

Brooch: Vintage

Bag: Tommy Bahama similar here

Shoes: Melissa shoes on sale! here

Hope you all have an amazing day, tell me what do you think of the color blush…is it a favorite or hate it?

With Love,


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