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I hope everyone had a good weekend and their Monday is off to an excellent start. I know Mondays aren’t the day everyone loves the most, in fact it’s one a lot of people hate the most, but I don’t really mind them. I have quite the workload to get through this week so I’m actually looking forward to today and making progress on my new work. Painting, drawing, and designing clothing are all things of process. It takes time to make an idea a reality, but I am starting to set myself S.M.A.R.T. goals (I’m sure you’ve heard of that before), and it seems to be helping me make a lot of progress. This weekend was a fun one, on Saturday morning I volunteered at one of the community gardens here in Charlotte for the morning, so that was some gratifying but tough work. I actually love working outside; that is something that has come with age for sure, but I love it. I think it’s because I work at home in my studio, so I relish any chance to be in nature, doing something completely different. I volunteer in Charlotte because I think it is part of what makes a community better, I love doing it, it’s fun, and Why not? Do you guys volunteer in your cities? Let me know what you love doing. Personally, I love working at community gardens; I have a garden on my patio at home, so having a larger one to go work at on the weekends for a few hours feels amazing. Plus, a lot of the food grown gets donated to families in need, so that’s awesome too.

After my volunteer project Saturday morning, Kristen and I went to VegFest Charlotte, which is a vegan festival that happens every year. There are vendors set up with tons of amazing food, products, brands like Herbivore clothing are there, and so much more. I think it’s so important to spread the word about veganism and vegetarianism and why it’s so important for our planet and our bodies and I think that VegFest does it in a way that is fun, informative, but also isn’t guilt-tripping. They just want to be educational, inspiring, and uplifting, which is exactly what they do. I had a great time; personally I have been on a plant-based or semi-plant based diet for about 11 years now and I try to be really active in talking about sustainability and environmental issues, so this was really a place where I just felt a ton of like-minded energy and really was a place I could thrive in. Plus I stuffed my face with delicious vegan tacos, empanadas, and more…so that is always fun too! VegFest happens in a bunch of cities all over the world; have you guys been to the one where you live? What did you like best about it?

After the festival was over, we came back home to spend some time with Gumbo. It’s important to me to spend quality time with him every day because after all, he needs attention too! His favorite place to chill out is on the patio, he puts his little head up on the arm of the sofa like that and will sleep there for an hour or so. Sometimes I’ll take a break from work and take a nap out there with him! In other news, isn’t this dress the cutest?! I seriously love it so much. It’s from Doll, A Boutique here in Charlotte. It is by the brand Judith March. I really love their selection of clothing at Doll; it all has a very free-spirited aesthetic, and they stock high quality brands. I love the bright colors of this dress and the way the embroidery at the top is textured and stands out from the rest of the dress. It’s really loose fitting and comfortable as well, so it would be perfect for the beach, a vacation to a tropical place, or just the muggy weather we’ve been having in Charlotte! Seriously, it’s been so bad you guys, that day from being outside so much I started to get dizzy. That only usually happens to me in the dead of summer, but it’s happening in April this year! After we took these pictures, I went inside and rested the remainder of the day, so don’t worry..I took care of myself. I also just adore the pink tassels on this dress, I think they really just make it you know. They are also substantial and don’t look like they could fall apart, which makes me happy because I have had a couple dresses do that before.

Both of my rings I got from a local boutique as well, called The Bag Lady. I shop local boutiques more often than anything else, not because I don’t want to be able to link for you guys the exact items I’m wearing, but because of how important it is to support local businesses and help a community grow, Charlotte is a really growing city, and I want for the businesses here, like me to feel the growing community wants them to succeed. Plus, they have super cute things! The Bag Lady is a really fun store; she carries books, jewelry, candles, crystals, tarot cards, things like that. I can seriously stay in there for hours looking at the shelves. Often times I am most at home with books and things like that. I’m a very academic person, and love reading almost as much as I love art and design, so any time that I can be around books, I love it. I think when I started out with my fashion business, I felt like I had to fit in this box of what a fashion person ‘looks like’, but I have now realized that isn’t thecase at all. I can love books, and be proud to love books. I actually have 2 full bookcases at my house that I am trying to read through before I buy a bunch of new books again! How would you guys feel about me doing like a monthly book review here or something like that? I thought about starting a separate blog entirely for that, but who knows…maybe I’ll incorporate it here, maybe I’ll just keep it for myself. I love my amethyst triple moon ring, to always remind me of my spiritual connection to the moon and it’s beautiful energy (I’m a cancer), and my pegasus ring, because I love mythology, and Greek Mythology especially. It reminds me to always dream big, and never forget the things I love most. My shoes I purchased second hand at Buffalo Exchange here in Charlotte, but they are Sam Edelman. Also they looked barely worn, so that’s awesome too. I love all the decoration on these little sandals, they just bring a huge smile to my face when I wear them.

The necklace I’m wearing is from World Market, but I got it at Buffalo Exchange (it’s not real turquoise unfortunately, but still pretty), and my David Yurman necklace was a Valentine’s present. I love it so much, I wear it all the time. I really want to find a couple real turquoise pieces like this one to invest in at some point, but I know that sourcing them is difficult. I want to make sure everything is ethical, and I’d like to buy vintage if possible. So if anyone has any great options let me know! For now, I’ll keep looking! My ME to We bracelet that I mentioned in a previous post; I wear this almost every day now. Just the ethics behind the brand are so inspiring, it makes me feel good when I wear it. I am also absolutely loving this nail polish from Mineral Fusion. I had seen their polishes at Whole Foods a ton of times and decided to try some. I got the base coat, 2 different colors, and a top coat. I used those when I got my manicure and pedicure last week and I think it is lasting really well! Given that I work with my hands, regular nail polish tends to not stay well for me. So I’m loving this one so far and I’ll let you guys know what I think of the others! The other super fun thing I did this weekend is watch Passengers. I really enjoyed the space themed thriller. Have you guys seen it? A lot of people from reviews I read feel the film is very problematic for a variety of reasons; I can see that for sure, but overall I enjoyed the film. I think the look inside a future spacecraft full of people attempting to colonize a new planet is pretty awesome. I like anything sci-fi so in general, I love that genre. I also watched La La Land again, which I love as well. Emma Stone is just the absolute cutest don’t you guys think??

Overall, this weekend was a good one, I spent time with friends, worked a little, got to volunteer, and watched some great films. I think this outfit is literally perfect for the weekend, or a vacation, or just a night out doing something fun. What did you all do this weekend? Tell me in the comments below.

Dress: Judith March (purchased at Doll, A Boutique in Charlotte) Get it online here

Shoes: Sam Edelman (Purchased at Buffalo Exchange) Get them here or here

Turquoise Necklace: World Market -Get it here 

Topaz Necklace: David Yurman – got as a Valentine’s gift

Bracelet: ME to We – Rafiki Style- proceeds go to helping access to education for children in developing countries- get them here

Rings- The Bag Lady- Similar here  and here 



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