Hello Darlings! I hope everyone is having a great week so far and is looking forward to the weekend! I have had so much going on in the last month with the blog, a big design project I’ll be posting about next week, getting back into the routine of painting and designing, and some personal projects as well. With all that going on, there are inevitably days that I don’t feel like working, like being creative and making art, and when I really just want to Netflix and Sleep (haha). Lately, I’ve realized that when I wear certain colors, I am much more motivated to be creative and work hard! I’m also seeing certain colors crop up a lot more in my paintings, my design work, and I’m realizing that I have a strong psychological connection to these colors. Red being one of them. I found this flowy, bohemian dress from
Tobi that fits the bill for a power color dress. One that helps spark my creative process and my creativity in general.

Why would wearing a certain color make you feel a strong sense of emotion? This is a psychological response in our bodies known as color association. Wherein we see certain colors and have an emotional response or triggered feelings. Now, certain colors are known to cause a specific response in people, but I feel that due to individuality, these colors can also have different meanings for everyone. Red is a high visibility color. It has a high emotional response in humans; can elevate heart rate and respiration. This is why commonly stop signs are red, danger signs are red, because it has to be a color that warrants an immediate response. While red often can signify danger and excitement, it is also the color most often associated with things like sensuality, femininity (pink-red), and the most beloved holiday of the year (Christmas or Yule). It also signifies hunger, which is why maroon shades of red often epitomize autumn and the harvest time of year. I like the juxtaposition of the color red. It has so many meanings both “good” and “bad”, and I think for me this is why ultimately it helps me be more creative. This is also why it’s my Power Color.

For this outfit, I chose to pair the dress really simply. I wanted the flared sleeves and straps on the dress to shine and accessories not to get in the way. Since the focus of the dress is color, I paired it with a darker red halter bralette from Victorias Secret. This exact style isn’t available anymore, but I will link some similar ones they have now for you. I enjoy the pop of lace underneath the dress to create more dimension and texture. Also, the cut of this dress is quite wide in the arm region, so a bralette adds more coverage for me, which is welcome. You could also pair a pretty tank top underneath if that is more your style. I like doing a simple side braid when my outfit has interest around the neck, and I think the braid also compliments the bohemian style of the dress as well. I do have a photo without the bralette to show you what the dress looks like on it’s own too (see below)

Tobi Red Swing Dress Aubrey Busek Art Tobi Red Swing Dress Aubrey Busek Acrylic Painting

  • Acrylic Paintings by Aubrey Busek (me)

Aubrey Busek Acrylic Painting Aubrey Busek Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Paintings by Aubrey Busek (me)

Aubrey Busek Watercolor Painting

Watercolor Painting by Aubrey Busek (me)

Tobi Red Swing Dress Aubrey Busek Art Tobi Red Swing Dress Aubrey Busek Art Tobi Red Swing Dress Aubrey Busek Art Tobi Red Swing Dress Aubrey Busek Art Tobi Red Swing Dress Aubrey Busek Art

Red is definitely one of my power colors. Instantly, when I see it I feel a wave of emotion. I love all shades of red, and I use them in my artwork frequently. Darker, maroon varieties, all shades of pink, and bright vibrant reds and oranges leap out of my mind and into my artwork. With clothing, I like to make the same choices. I like things that stand out, that spark conversation and are exciting. This dress from Tobi really spoke to me because it is such a bright and bold red color, but yet it has a soft, feminine, and delicate shape. I like the mix of these elements, and think it speaks to me creatively. I also enjoyed the somewhat abstract shape of the dress, how the lines are both flowing and yet also static and harsh. This dress could work so well with wedge sandals or flat sandals and also how I paired it with my favorite Minnetonka boots. I wear these boots constantly, they are such a staple in my wardrobe. They are comfy, I love the style, and they look good with almost everything. I love the way they compliment the shape of this dress as well. I think for autumn, I will pair this with some tights once the weather gets cooler, and this will be the perfect compliment to the dress and boots.

When I need to be creative, which is almost every day, I tend to like to feel motivated through subtle means. This could be the wearing of the right color to spark emotion, or playing music that stimulates creative brain response. When I’m wearing something like this bright red dress from Tobi, I instantly want to make something. To splash paint on canvas or paper and feel my emotions speak. As an artist, I think sometimes it’s important to realize that our work is about the emotional response of the person seeing the work, and our own emotional response when we created the piece in the first place. I love using a lot of color in my pieces, because I know everyone will react differently to it. Different colors mean different things to me or you. If you want to read more about color association and meaning, click here.

For me personally, I don’t really have a ‘favorite’ color. I love all colors and I love mixing colors to get new outcomes. I think it depends on the day of the week as to what colors I love most. Importantly, I like tones and combinations of colors found in nature; I’m not a big neon person, because I think it looks artificial. I also love metallics and mixing metallics with more natural colors like red or green. That’s why I think this Tobi dress looks so great with just a simple silver bracelet. The metallic color compliments the red well without being distracting. I’d love to hear what your favorite colors are and why they’re your favorites. Do you like the color red? What’s your power color? Tell me in the comments down below!

All of the artwork in today’s post and photos was created and painted by me, are all original works and will be available here on my Etsy site and on my website here. If you are interested in any of these art pieces please use the contact form on my blog.

** Thank you to Tobi for sponsoring the outfit in this post, as always all opinions are honest and completely my own**

Outfit Details:

Dress: Tobi was $68 now $34! (also available in Black), get it here  

Boots: Minnetonka (come in 3 colors and will last years!), get them here

Bralette: Victoria’s Secret, Similar here and here  


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