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I hope everyone is having a great week and looking forward to the weekend! I haven’t been able to post near as much as I would have liked to this week due to other work for my brand.  Custom work is some of my favorite work to do, as you get to be very personal with a client, make something fit someone super perfect, and design for a specific person, which is any designer’s dream! What I have been working on is a custom evening gown for a professional ballet dancer here in Charlotte. I will be devoting a specific post completely for the gown, so for now this is all you are getting! I love designing dresses, and making women feel beautiful, so this was a dream come true. And the dress is certainly looking amazing! I am finishing it up this evening so that I am done with everything for it before I leave for Mexico this Sunday!

Mexico is unchartered territory for me; I have never been there! I’ve been to Europe a few times, and I absolutely love it, but I am so thrilled to be going somewhere new and to the beach! I am ready to relax in the sand for sure! I am going to be documenting my trip here on the blog as well as on my social media, so be sure to follow me!

This week other than work, I have been trying out some new makeup and beauty products I purchased recently. I will be doing beauty reviews, tutorials, and more on this blog as well as Youtube in addition to talking about fashion. I am so passionate about cruelty-free and natural makeup, skincare, and beauty that I think I have to devote 1-2 days a week to it! Even if it is just a small review. I think all women desire to buy products that are good for their skin, and I want to be the authority for all of those products! I am so passionate about companies that work with pure, natural ingredients, and pay attention to sustainability, human welfare, animal welfare and more, and I think they really deserve some time in the spotlight for the great things they make and do. If we want to live in a better world, we have to choose better products! So keep a lookout for those beauty reviews and tutorials coming up next week! I will develop an exact schedule for this blog, and I will let you all know once I have it down!

For today’s post I wanted to share with you a super fun outfit, and a style that I lean towards a lot these days. I love anything vintage, or vintage inspired, and it infuences my design work a lot as well. This blouse is from my Spring/Summer 2017 collection from my brand Aubrey Busek , and let me say it is perfect for the warm days that we have been having! Cotton is one of my favorite fabrics to work with; it is so versatile, wears incredibly well, and is breathable. That is a big one for me, as I hate feeling hot in the summertime. That is why when I design, I lean toward natural fibers for the most part, as they wear well on the body. This is a swiss dot cotton, hence the little dots on the fabric, and I double layered the blouse when making it so that it would serve as 1. a lining, and 2. To keep it from being so sheer. The sleeves, since they are so exaggerated, are only one layer. I love bishop sleeves! Who else does? I think they make such a fun statement, and are super elegant, and will get someone talking.






The jeans I am wearing are the brand Love, Fire  . I bought them at T.J. Maxx, but it is a brand that I know is also sold at Nordstrom because I have a dress from them that I purchased there. I like these jeans, they are super stretchy, comfortable and the color is *everything*! The only thing I dislike is how they wrinkle a lot. I think it is just the soft, stretchy fabric, but that is something that bothers me. I am not a super jeans-type-of-girl anyway, so when I do wear them, I like them to fit a certain way. However, they were on sale for around $20 so I don’t feel I can complain too much!

Don’t you love the crystal buttons I added to the blouse cuffs? I think a little bit of sparkle is needed most every day. And it’s something special that people will definitely notice. I also added a heritage cotton lace trim to the blouse in various places including the hem. As far as my nails go, lately I have been getting the SNS powder gel polish. I like it because it doesn’t have an odor, but wears like acrylic, and it doesn’t have to cure in the UV light like regular gel polish. The only thing I notice that bothers me is that sometimes it isn’t even, which may just be the technician’s fault and not the actual product. It is quite expensive as well, which is on the con side for me too. I am considering going back to just my natural nails so that I can test polishes out for you guys as well. What do you think?





My purse is a vintage bag that I got at a little boutique in my hometown. I absolutely love pieces like that, I treasure them so much. This has an awesome cross stitch look, which I love since I do embroidery myself. I don’t carry this bag often, just because I like to take care of vintage pieces, but it looks so precious with an outfit like this or for a night out with a dress. I will link some similar bags for you guys! My necklace I also made myself; I make jewelry sometimes. There are some great bead stores here in Charlotte, I usually go to Beads, Inc.  because the girls that work there are so nice and helpful and they have a great selection! If anyone is interested in this piece, please let me know, I do have a few of the same tassel left and I would love to make you one!

These shoes are just so darling! I ordered them a while back from Urban OG around maybe Christmas time. The velvet is gorgeous, and is in a stunning mauve color which I adore! I love the Victorian inspired straps and buckles, and the height of the heel is super tall too! They aren’t the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, but they are so fun and great for a feminine, doll like look. Curling my hair like this is pretty much my go-to lately. It lasts for a few days, unless I work out of course, and looks good in almost any style I wear it in! I decided to throw it half up here tied in a ribbon, because it is relaxed, easy, and cute. I use a traditional curling iron for this style, but you could also use a wand if that is all you have or it is your preference.





I hope you all have a great weekend, enjoyed this look, and I will see you next time from beautiful Mexico!


Outfit Details:

Blouse and Necklace: Aubrey Busek  | Teal Jeans: Love, Fire | Bag: Vintage, Similar Here | Shoes: Urban OG sold out but similar here  (same shoe on different site here )

With Love,



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