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It’s the beginning of a new week! For me, Mondays aren’t always THE worst. Yes, it marks the end of the weekend, the beginning of a new work week, tasks to complete and goals to set. I’ve been all about goal setting lately; the idea that even small goals getting achieved is important and shouldn’t be taken for granted is something I am trying to adopt into my life these days. So today, I wanted to share some of my personal goals for this year with you guys so you all can also hold me accountable! Plus I wanted to share this adorable outfit with you that I think is just a perfect weekday..weekend..whenever outfit.

I got this super fun blouse when I was at Kiawah Island Resort last summer for my birthday. Kristen and I did a spa day at the hotel, had massages and facials. I got a treatment that included seashells in my massage and a sea salt scrub, it was heavenly. I’m a cancer crab, so I love anything ocean/beach related of course. It makes me feel right at home. I purchased this at the spa shop, where they had some really beautiful swim coverups, cosmetics, and more. I am not sure if this is inteded to be a coverup, but obviously..I am wearing it as a shirt! Hey, I think really any swim coverup can be worn as a blouse..or kimono. Fashion is supposed to be fun, and you should wear things that make you happy. Also, you don’t have to always wear things as they are exactly intended to be worn. I love that this blouse has this bird print, and I believe is is made by stamping, not an actual injet print. The gold portions of the blouse have a different texture, like they were made of fabric paint and I really like that textural interest. It’s quite a pretty top. I paired it with these white jeans that I got at Buffalo Exchange, these coach sandals that I got at a consignment store (in perfect condition!), and this chunky necklace from World Market that I love so much. I’ve had it for years, and I wear it all the time. They always have similar styles to this in the store though, so I’ll link some for you. My clutch is from Versona. This little thing is so cute, I love the braided weave of the textile. Unfortunately it’s a little bulky so I don’t carry it a lot, but I think it looked perfect with this outfit!

When it comes to personal style, I am finding myself every day. One of my goals for this year is to really hone my personal style and only keep things in my closet that makes me happy. How am I going to do this? I plan to go through my closet once every 1-2 months and take out things I haven’t worn in 6+ months or haven’t worn over the season. Then, I will either donate it, sell it, or keep it in storage. I am however, also making a conscious goal to not impulse buy too much clothing this year and go to stores or boutiques with intention of what I will purchase when I walk in. I do realize as a blogger, it is somewhat impossible to not accumulate any new clothing over a year, so I am just trying to be as conscious as possible. I will also attempt to buy most of my new pieces from sustainable and/or conscious clothing companies in addition to buying pieces from consignment and used clothing stores, which I already do all the time. Seriously people, you should do this more. I find it so fun going to consignment and vintage stores looking for fun, statement pieces. Buffalo exchange is really great too, a lot of people bring brand new clothing there to sell that they haven’t worn, so many things I’ve gotten still had tags on it! Too often I go into mall stores or boutiques and just feel like I am seeing the same thing over and over.

I like to buy pieces that genuinely make me happy. This shirt makes me so happy. I love the birds and geometric print, the sleeve style and the relaxed fit. You feel chic, but chill at the same time and that is certainly what I am here for style wise. Another goal I am setting to achieve this year is talking once a week on my blog about my art and design work. Many of you may know I am a clothing designer, and I haven’t left the work to pursue this blog. I needed to take some time to work out what the direction was that I waned to move in and I am finally there. I know where I want to go with my brand, this blog, and them both as a whole. So how I will achieve this goal is to devote one day a week to talking to you all about my brand, my artwork, and delving into that portion of my life.

One of my other goals this spring is to get back on track to being super healthy. Overall, I eat a healthy diet. I have been a vegetarian for well over 10 years, but I do eat what I consider junk food. Hey..no one is perfect. But, I’ve been at a place before where I was so proud of how healthy I was. How clean I ate for every meal. And it showed in my body. My skin was brighter, my hair got longer and shinier, and I felt more awake during the day. So here is how I will achieve this goal. I will drink a green smoothie every morning (it’s better than coffee for waking you up people!), I will do yoga every day, and some form of other exercise 4x week. Also, I will try to eat at home as often as possible instead of opting for convenient options (i.e. restaurants) when I am tired or ‘don’t have time’. I also want to get in a practice of meditating every day to clear my mind and help with stress levels.

Another goal I have is to read 1-2 new books every month and blog about one book that I feel fits with the theme of my blog. I will tell you all in advance of the month what book I am reading so that you can follow along with me if you want and we can make a sort of…book club! Tell me what you all think about this idea..I am pretty excited about it myself! Some other small goals I have are

-Volunteer 2x week in my community, and get more involved in events around Charlotte for causes I care about.

-post on this blog 4-5x per week

-post on Youtube 2-3 times per week about clean beauty, cruelty-free beauty, and fashion.

-stay positive; always try to flow with positive energy and overturn negative thoughts

-stop being self-critical; everyone moves at their own pace. Don’t worry about what others think of me.

-Move my life in the direction that makes me HAPPY. Do what makes me HAPPY every day.

-Focus on my spiritual identity. What does my spirit need?

-Make lots of art, talk about art, don’t be afraid to discuss controversial topics through my art and make people thing.

-Let this blog become a meeting place for all those who want to discuss conscious companies, companies who give back, and people who want to work in their communities to make them a better place.

I think the key to being held accountable for your goals is to have a journal that you write in every day. And every single day you should write about what you did to achieve your goals. What things got in your way? What things worked out? Not everyone has someone that can hold them accountable, or that they feel would be able to help, so I think being able to hold YOURSELF accountable is really important with goal setting. Let me know what ideas you have about achieving goals. What goal did you achieve that you are super proud to tell someone? I would absolutely love to hear about it. I am all about cheering others on in life.

Outfit Details:

Blouse: Kiawah Island Spa Store – Similar shape here  and here

Necklace: World Market – Almost the same style here 

Jeans: Similar here and here .

Shoes: Coach- similar here 

Hope everyone has an amazing day!

With Love,

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