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Happy Monday to everyone, I hope you all have a good day ahead! I know Mondays are tough; it always seems hard for me to want to get going at the beginning of the week, but I am working on developing a new schedule for myself that will have me up and at em’ no matter what. In the past I have sort of thrived in a ‘high pressure’ type work scenario, and it’s just not cutting it anymore. My stress levels tend to be high, and I want to focus on building my blog, my brand, and my art all while being happy and with as little stress as possible. Here’s why I’ve come to this realization. For the last 6-9 months, I have been battling daily headaches caused by TMJ among other things. Throughout my whole life, I have always tried to be someone who pushes through tough situations, works hard no matter how I feel, and in general gets through life staying strong. However, this situation has pushed me to my limits. Waking up almost every day not feeling your best is tough, and frankly when you almost constantly have a headache..you don’t want to actually do anything at all. I feel like I’ve run the absolute gamut figuring out the cause of this issue. First I saw a sinus specialist, then allergy testing, next a neurologist, tried no caffeine for 2 months, next physical therapy and dry needling, TMJ dental specialist, now a massage therapist and more. Different doctors have different theories, as we all know. The main moral of the whole story is that I work in a high stress environment (I design clothing and make art, so sewing, drawing, bending over a table constantly, on the computer etc) doing very physical work, so the way my body is compensating is by clenching my jaw while I work and creating a tandem of issues. To top it off, I have scoliosis, and although I exercise, I don’t exercise enough, so my body is compensating for that as well. All of this creates a myriad of problems which has manifested itself in my body with jaw pain, headaches, and general stiffness and tiredness. Trust me…I never thought I’d be someone complaining about body issues. EVER. I eat very healthy and generally feel that I take good care of myself. I am such a free spirit (so I think), who values time outdoors, enjoying life, and spending time having fun. But clearly, it isn’t enough. My massage therapist has advised daily Yoga, meditation, and generally trying relaxation techniques to aid in recovery. So, I wanted to come on my blog and be honest with you. Life isn’t perfect; things get hard sometimes. But.. I am here writing these blogs to share things with you that are important to me..and I am really going to make this place a trove of information about living a conscious lifestyle, what that means and how to do it more effectively. Being yourself; expressing yourself through fashion, makeup, and art. Loving yourself, living more mindfully and living a healthy lifestyle. Because deep down, I am on a journey to do all of these things too…so why don’t we do it together??

Step number one is enjoying life. Far too often I catch myself worrying about what I have to do, what needs to be done instead of enjoying a moment. Do you catch yourself doing these things too? So now that I have turned over my new leaf, my first objective is to enjoy the moment more. This means doing more things that I enjoy. My neighborhood, NoDa (we’re on North Davidson Street) is full of craft beer breweries, fun restaurants, shops, and I want to showcase it all to you. We may be one little blip in the world, but we are a neighborhood full of character, art, and wonderful people.

One really go-to place in my neighborhood is Birdsong Brewing. It is a fun brewery with lots of indoor and outdoor seating, a nice patio, yoga classes, food trucks and more. Generally its always busy during the week and absolutely packed on weekends. I am a big advocate for supporting local businesses (as well as drinking RESPONSIBLY), and NoDa is full of them. What I like about going to breweries is that you are generally able to try craft beers that the breweries don’t bottle or sell to bars. One of my favorites from Birdsong is called Doin’ Thyme, which is the one in the photo. It is a seasonal witbier released in March and it is full of delicious flavor from the added herbs. Its perfect for some time outdoors on a nice Spring day. Other craft beers Birdsong is pretty well known for is the Higher Ground IPA and the Jalapeño Pale Ale. Even if you aren’t one to try beers, I think that this brewery is worth a visit when you’re in Charlotte!

After I had my beer with my friend Holly, we headed to the main area in my neighborhood. This wall sits beside the fire station and I just love it. Theres a mural in similar vein to President Obama’s 2012 campaign posters and this poem. I have always loved this because it really speaks to a saying that I hold dear. We are all just small drops in one big ocean, going through life together, and if we respect each other and respect the Earth that sustains our life, I think we will go farther as a species. I’m working on adapting this idea into my life in realizing that little things don’t matter as much as we sometimes think they do. The bigger picture of the world is more important and so is working on how you can change the world. What can you do to make a difference? This dress I’m wearing is one of my favorites for summer. It’s silk, so it is a very breathable fabric and suits you well when the weather gets hot. It also has little beads on the flowers and these gorgeous mirrors and tassels around the neck and down the side seams. It is an Indian brand, but I purchased the dress at Anthropologie. I got this last year for my birthday, so it wont still be available, but I will link some similar options for you guys. It reallly is a great vacation and general summer dress. Looks perfect with a denim jacket too! My shoes are from Espadrille Store , which is an online shop I found that sells traditional and authentic espadrilles made in Spain. They use techniques passed down in families to hand craft each pair of shoes and they are some of my favorites. The style I have on here is the Lola, and I also have a couple other pairs that I absolutely love. they are extremely comfortable and I really respect businesses that use local artisans and traditional materials and techniques instead of compromising on labor for cost purposes. You can read more about how they make the shoes here.



Dress: Anthropologie, similar style here 

Shoes: Espadrille Store Lola here 



Hope you all enjoy this look and my little life ramblings.

With Love,







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