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I hope everyone is having an awesome Tuesday so far. I know I've been playing with new makeup, making Youtube videos and more. I wanted to share with you all today a couple of new products I recently purchased from the brand The Body Shop  at Ulta here in Charlotte. They had this huge new display for The Body Shop products and needless to say...I was sucked in. I have always known this brand worked with fair trade ingredients, was cruelty-free and took lots of pride in their products, but I just hadn't tried much from them before now. I actually didn't even know they had a whole line of makeup (?!) until recently when I saw Tati review some of it on Youtube. So needless to say...they've been on my radar recently. So when I saw this beautiful display in Ulta, I just couldn't resist and picked up a couple things.

The collection that the items I got are from is called the Spa Of The World collection, and I just love that. It says on the website that the products are a collection of bath and body rituals inspired by cultures from around the world made to enhance your 'me' time to the fullest experience. I really believe that taking care of yourself and indulging in self care is really important. Not enough people take time to take care of their body and feel good about themselves. I think it is just something that tends to get glossed over in our 2017 modern day stress enhanced lives. We go to work, come home, get ready for bed..that't it. I think that at least once a week, we should spend some extra 'me' time, and indulge ourselves in a relaxing experience just for us. Who says spa time has to happen only at the spa?

The first product I wanted to talk about is the African Ximenia Scrub, which is $32 for 13 ounces. This scrub is a finely milled salt body scrub enhanced with butters from Africa, Community trade beeswax, and Ximenia tree oil from Namibia. I really love that The Body Shop uses ingredients from all over the world to create their products, and I read in their About Us section of the site about the ways that they are working to enrich the communities that grow the ingredients and help produce the products. That is really what I look for with new brands is how are they attempting to enrich people's lives through their product? So..on to the scrub. I absolutely adore it! I love the earthy, musky fragrance, and it makes my skin feel so velvety soft. Sometimes scrubs irritate my sensitive skin, but I think the fact that this is so finely milled, it is perfect for people with more sensitive skin. I definitely feel that my skin looks more radiant and polished now that I've used it. This is definitely going to be a weekly treat for me.

The next item I got is the Japanese Camellia Cream for body. It is $36 for 12 ounces. I am really impressed by the size of these jars and how much product you get. Initially it does seem expensive, but I think that it is a high quality product and you are really getting a ton in the jar. One of my holy grail items is the Tatcha Camellia Oil Cleanser for face, so when I saw this cream was made with the same ingredient, I had to try this. Camellia oil has been used by Japanese women for centuries for skincare, and the seeds that The Body Shop uses are from the same species that produces a lot of teas we drink. The fragrance is heavenly! Definitely on the floral side, but so delicious and feminine. I don't wear perfume often, so having a body cream that has such a beautiful and natural fragrance is perfect for me.  I have been using this cream for a few days now and am really impressed. My skin feels very soft, velvety, and it just soaks it up. The best part is it doesn't leave your skin sticky, which is a pet peeve of mine.

Which of these would you try?


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