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Whew! What a week it has been so far! I had all intentions of getting this post up yesterday, but that obviously didn’t happen. Some of my fall/winter 16 and Spring 17 pieces from my fashion collection (You can view it here ) were a part of a photoshoot yesterday, and we had an amazing time! It went super well, and I will give you an update with photos and more details as I have it. I want to keep it a little bit secret for now.  Yesterday, I also heard of the terror attack in London and was struck with grief. I lived there for some months during college when I interned with a PR firm in the Chelsea neighborhood. That city holds a very special place in my heart; it may even be my favorite city in the world. I have friends there still, and my heart goes out to them in this sad time. When things like that happen in the world, no matter how close you may be to the event, I think it can put life in perspective for you. Sometimes it is hard not to worry about little things in everyday life. Stress happens to everyone, and can amount to a huge worry if you let it. I can tend to be a very self-critical person, and I’m learning every day how to manage that. I realized, through starting this blog that it is important for me to do something that makes me happy, every single day as much as possible. Through discovering what things make me really happy and what doesn’t, I have been able to edit my life a little bit and I have become a more happy, positive person. I think when these kinds of things happen in the world that are so terrible, so messed up, it is hard to imagine how someone could hurt people they don’t even know. It may be hard for me or you to realize how it happens, but it does. For every little stress in my life or yours, there is someone out there with greater stresses, fears, thoughts and pressure looming over them for one reason or another. I think it is important to take time to remember; there are all types of people in this world. Good, bad, and somewhere in between. However, it is hard to judge when you don’t know someone, so just try to remember that. Spread love, not anger. Be sad for the victims and their family and friends, but try to remember that only through positive behavior will the world start to change. Only through acceptance and tolerance can we diminish hate and fear. I hope my words can give you condolence today, and if nothing else can help you remember to smile.

Now on to the blog. I discovered the brand Rouge Bunny Rouge when I was working in London actually, and I instantly fell in love. They are still what I would consider a small brand compared to someone like Tarte or Anastasia Beverly Hills. You won’t find them in Sephora or Ulta, but maybe someday. They fall in the range of mid-luxury price point for cosmetics, and I try to use and review a little bit of everything price-point wise for the sake of seeing what performs well. What I love about this brand are a few things; their aesthetics, product ingredients, and overall high quality product. They are cruelty-free, which is fabulous. This brand has a beautiful storyline that goes along with each product, and I think you can really tell they have put so much effort into their line from the bottom to the top. They also have a line of fragrances that are vegan friendly, but I have’t tried yet. Maybe soon!  I had quite a few items stashed to review, and so the ones I mention here are only a few of the bunch, but they are the ones I wanted to get to first. Most of these images are my own, but a few are from the brand’s website.

*Please note this blog is not sponsored, I purchased all of these products myself and this is my honest opinion on them*

Here is my Youtube video highlighting the mentioned products. You can watch this, and/or read on below to learn about everything!

Foundation Essence Skin Soul Drops in shade Lalla: This bad boy is for sure one of the best foundations I have tried recently. It is a dropper, serum style foundation that has medium, buildable coverage. I love the natural matte finish and the fact that you can mix it with moisturizer or liquid highlight for your desired level of coverage and luminosity. Key ingredients are: Jojoba, Mimosa, and Sunflower waxes which closely mimic the texture and sebum of skin. Downside; only three shades available.

Price: $63.00 Get it here

Seas of Illumination Highlighting Liquid-Sea of Clouds:

A water based fluid highlighter with multi use benefits. Blends well with moisturizer, foundation (as mentioned above). On the photo of my makeup worn, I have it mixed with the foundation drops and you can see it just gives the skin a luminous glowy look without looking glittery. The pigments are very finely milled so it doesn’t have a chunky glitter look. It also has some great skincare ingredients like: Squalane for skin softening, Melissa extract, and Vitamin E. It has a light fragrance that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

The highlight liquid is $45.00 and you can purchase it here

Flawless Face Powder in shade Piano:

This is a pigmented pressed powder that I use as a setting powder for foundation as seen in my full face makeup. I think it works amazing at mattifying foundation, giving the skin a velvet-y soft feeling, and setting makeup. Key ingredients are: Papaya fruit extract for a natural plumping quality and softness, Hyssop Extract, and Rice Powder. I really like this setting powder, and I particularly enjoy that even though it is pigmented, I don’t feel that it alters the color or finish of my foundation. In my Youtube video I explain more the details of how I feel about this product.

Price $35.00 and you can get it here

Long-Lasting Cream Duo Eyeshadow- Shade Gossamer Wing:

Words cannot explain my love for this cream eyeshadow. But seriously. I ordered it initially thinking it would probably crease like most cream shadow, but I got it anyway and was so surprised. This stuff is a dream! I have the shade Gossamer Wing, which is more of a brown color on the darker end and a pale milky beige on the other. This stuff is perfect worn alone, or as a base for other shadows. It dries to a smooth powdery finish and never creases. I highly recommend it. It is my go to for ‘no makeup makeup’ or also when I want to wear my glasses instead of contacts and don’t see the point in doing too much eyeshadow. This is the item that I seriously reach for every single day without fail.

Price: $45.00 and you can get it here

Pressed Single Eyeshadows- Shades Bohemian Waxwing and Volcano Fairy Wren:

I ordered a few of the single eyeshadows to try from Rouge Bunny Rouge and overall I really like them! I will be interested to try more colors and finishes to see how the pigmentation and quality varies over color and texture. These colors mentioned here and worn in the full face are both pretty great. They are highly pigmented, not chalky and blend well. I love Bohemian Waxwing as a transition or all over lid shade and Volcano Fairy Wren is great for tightening the outer corner of the eye and smudging the lash line. They are shimmery, but not glittery, which makes them perfect for day wear as well as evening.

Price: $24.o0 get them here


Let me know what you guys think of the look, what products would you try? Also don’t forget to watch my Youtube video and subscribe to my channel, I talk about the products much more in depth!


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