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For my very first post on my new blog, I thought it had to be about fashion and one of my favorite places in my neighborhood here in Charlotte. I am so glad you're here reading this today; I am super passionate about making this blog a go-to source for sustainable fashion outfits, glam life tips, cruelty free beauty and skincare, book reviews and more.

Pink is my favorite color. Well, I have other favorites as well like green and orange, but pink tends to be a go-to for me with clothing as it is flattering on my skin tone (really any skin tone!) and tends to look good with my hair color as well. It is my easy neutral color that always makes me feel happy and puts a smile on my face.


The blouse you see here was designed by me, and I am in love with it. It is made in an ivory swiss dot cotton fabric, with a gorgeous rosette trim around the top. I only had enough of the fabric to make a few of these beauties for now, but I am looking into getting more and making other colors. It is one of my favorites! We are at one of my favorite spots in NoDa taking these photos; it is a new bar called Company Store. Owned by a neighborhood local couple, it is a fab little place! They serve beer and wine along with fun snacks, other food, and occasionally they have a food truck called The Dumpling Lady that comes by for a night and sets up shop outside. They have live music and other events as well. It really is an awesome place to be if you're in the neighborhood!

Company store has recently been making 'special mimosas' and the one I tried was fantastic. It was a raspberry mimosa, and let me tell you it is delicious! I thought it went well with my outfit too. haha! This bar has a great outdoor area with picnic tables, swing benches, and an adorable little walkway. I think it is the perfect place for a neighborhood date AKA Valentine's Day coming up. You can really sit here and get to know someone. I like that. The ability to be somewhere and have a fun time, but also have good conversation is really important.


I thought this blouse would pair perfectly with quite possibly my favorite denim..ever. These rose print jeans are from a brand called Shine Denim, and I purchased them at a high end consignment store here in Charlotte called Summerbird. I know people feel different kinds of ways about buying used clothing, but I am here to stay and dispel any myths on the subject. Buying gently used clothing breathes life into a garment that would otherwise end up in a landfill, and that is an incredible thing. As a clothing designer, I always took a lot of inspiration from vintage clothing, and I spent a lot of time during my teenage years sifting around vintage and thrift stores. It does take some practice, but you can find amazing designer items in consignment stores, and vintage is another amazing thing entirely. To me, owning a garment that has a story and a special past, or buying one from an independent designer or ethical brand is much more gratifying than just picking up 10 random items from a fast fashion retailer. So I am here to say you can mix designer and second hand, do whatever you want, and be so fashionable it will make you jump with joy!

I think that also, you have to be willing to really create a personal style for yourself and not rely heavily on trends. I tend to make pieces that are classic, feminine, but sometimes have a trendy element. This idea has also translated to my personal style and let me say it is here to stay! Feminine, classic clothing will NEVER go out of style, and I love that. So when I shop, I try to think to myself; is this something I will love a year from now? Or even better; do I think this is something I will wear at least 30 times? The exception to that one is: evening wear for events.

With this outfit I paired my Vans Rose Gold sneakers, which I bought over Thanksgiving and have been loving so much. These look cute with everything; and they're pretty comfortable as well! I also put on a chunky necklace, which I have had for years, but I think any statement necklace piece would work well with this look. The bare shoulders mean you can get away with anything, right?!  I think this look is perfect for a casual Valentine's Day date, day out, or you could throw heels on and dress it up for a night out as well! Where would you wear this fun, girly look?

I am adding this blouse to my online store today, but for now if you're interested in purchasing it, send us an email to info@aubreybusek.com

You can purchase the denim here

The shoes can be bought here


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