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You know when daylight savings hits and for a few days you just feel…off? Well that is definitely me this week. My allergies are off the charts, we got some completely random snow in Charlotte on Sunday and just overall, blah. I am starting a new ‘body of work’ as I am referring to it, so I am very excited about that and in the beginning stages of design, etc. I am thinking that with this blog, I will probably devote one day a week to updating about my work; I don’t want this to be an entirely separate thing from my art and design, more an arm or a leg of the entire body so to speak. This new work is getting me in a good place, and the trip to Mexico was quite good for me spiritually as well. Just being in a new place, breathing new air can reap changes for the soul. It is easy to feel stuffy when you are in the same place all the time for sure. So, since it is gloomy and rainy outside today, I thought I would share some more photos from my trip to Cancun with you.

The most fun thing we did (in my opinion) while we were there I could not get any photos of which is such a disappointment. We went to this park called XPLOR, and it was sort of in the middle of the jungle. You got to go swimming and rafting in caves, ziplining through the jungle, ride ATVs through the caves and forest; an awesome experience overall. I was so scared to zipline!! I am a little afraid of heights, but I had just never done it before and so I was a little terrified because the ones at XPLOR were crazy high up in the jungle. But, once you got strapped into the harness and climbed up the first tower, there was no way out other than to do it. So I conquered my fear and had an incredible time! I was just imagining flying over this incredibly beautiful place every time I zip lined, and the last one that finished the course was over a river and you landed in the water inside a cave. It was spectacular, and beautiful. I am so glad I did it, and I had a great group of friends with me for moral support! The only thing was, you were given a locker and a key at the start of the park, so unless you had a waterproof camera, you really couldn’t take any photos during the entire thing. I managed a couple of the caves from when we first arrived.


These images from the cave and some from the hotel were taken on my phone so please don’t mind the difference in quality from my other photos. The dinosaur bones were incredible! I am assuming they were found on the site when it was first being excavated and turned into a park. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there were tons more of them on site in the caves and in the river. The whole park felt so prehistoric and when we rode in the ATV cars, all I could think was that I felt like I was in Jurassic Park or Indiana Jones! I loved it, purely because my only other chosen career path would be an archaeologist or paleontologist; I love history and discovery. Would you guys have Zip Lined through the jungle too? I am so glad that I conquered my fear.

Monday night after the Xplor Park, we ate dinner at the asian restaurant inside the resort; and they were kind enough to make a custom vegetarian entree! This was delicious, it is a portobello mushroom, fried zucchini, tomato, eggplant, with a beet sauce and vietnamese style spring rolls. It was beautiful and so yummy! I loved all of the food at the Le Blanc Resort, and they were so accommodating, which is a huge plus for me since I am a vegetarian and have been most of my life.





I think this is one of the most beautiful photos I took while we were there; getting that perfect moment of the waves crashing is hard, but well worth the outcome. And just look at that water!! I love the little pelican too; actually he was huge, so I that’s a lie. They were quite comfortable around people though, and watching them dive into the ocean for food was breathtaking. The sunburn I got on Tuesday was enough to make me afraid of too much sun forever, so I stayed covered up on the beach and pool the rest of the time we were there. Hence my arms hiding inside my cover up here!



I definitely recommend Cancun to everyone since I went. It is a stunning place with beautiful and kind people. And the plus side of most of the resorts being all inclusive is pretty awesome too! I hope you all enjoy these photos, I know I loved taking them so much, and be on the lookout for new fashion and beauty posts this week! I am also gearing up to start my Youtube channel again talking about cruelty free and natural beauty, books, and whatever else, so that will be awesome as well! Give me some ideas for things to vlog about and I will be on it! Hope you all have an amazing rest of the week, and if you’re getting the blizzard in the northeast, stay safe and cuddle up!

With Love,


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