Hello Darlings! I am so happy to be back at my desk typing away today. I know I have been slacking on my posts here; for many good (and bad) reasons, but I have my reasons nonetheless. I’ve been feeling a little stifled, deflated, and just all around eh. I love summer for pool parties and time with friends, but the hot weather seems to drain me every year. I thrive most in the cool autumn breeze and even cooler winter chills. The temperatures, and clothing excite me. But I am embracing summer this year what with my garden and general love of the outdoors. I’m getting my mojo back too, because I went to the beach this past week, and it was so relaxing and beautiful that I feel incredibly ready to turn over a new leaf this year. The 7 hour road trip to Corolla in the Outer Banks may seem long, but is an utterly stunning part of North Carolina, and totally worth every minute of the trek. I hadn’t been there since my teen years, and I was thrilled at the idea of a week away in an idyllic part of my home state. The Outer Banks has an incredibly rich history, some of which being the Wright brothers flying the first airplane in Kitty Hawk in 1903 as well as the first colonists to settle America living there and mysteriously vanishing in Roanoke Island in 1587. I chose a breezy summer dress from Figue for the occasion, and I think it suits it perfectly.

Corolla, NC is a town in the uppermost part of the Outer Banks. The town is unique in that it borders both the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Currituck Sound. The Sound is a glorious estuary, or a place where fresh and salt water mix. They harbor a large amount of plant and animal life and are just a really special place to see. At the very northern part of Corolla, on the Corova Beach live a herd of wild colonial Spanish mustangs. You can take tours to see the mustangs on the beaches, which furthermore proves the destination is perfect for those wanting a peaceful, nature filled holiday. However, there is still a lot of interest in terms of dining, shopping, and things to do in Corolla, which is why we chose it for our vacation last week. One particular thing I really wanted to visit again was the Currituck Lighthouse and surrounding development. The lighthouse began construction in 1873 to serve as a beacon for the dark North Carolina shoreline at the time, and was finished 2 years later.

There is something about how wild Corolla is that seems to speak to me in whispers and rustles of trees. The grounds around the Currituck Lighthouse are spectacular, and this boardwalk through the marshland to the Sound was one of my favorite parts. There were huge dragonflies everywhere, you could hear all the bullfrogs croaking, and it was just a really perfect experience. You feel deep in nature here, and these beaches aren’t so touristy either, so when Kristen and I walked on the boardwalk, hardly any other people were around at all. It was pretty muggy outside unless you were by the water, so I chose this lightweight cotton Figue dress for the occasion, and I think it suits the setting perfectly.

Figue Dress and Melissa Barocca SandalsOuter Banks Currituck lighthouseOuter Banks Currituck SoundOuter Banks Currituck Sound - Figue DressFigue Dress

Currituck LighthouseOuter Banks Currituck Lighthouse

The lighthouse itself is all brick and has 200 steps to the top. It was manually lit every night by the lighthouse keeper until the invention of electricity. I climbed to the top as a child and it is beautiful, but we neglected to on this trip due to the humidity and long line to get in. Just seeing it is lovely, and experiencing the beautiful grounds and boat house was enough for me. The lighthouse also had some areas under construction as well while we were visiting, so you can see that in some of the photos. You can learn more about the lighthouse if you are interested here.

I think the embroidery on this dress compliments the brick lighthouse well, along with the natural landscape and other buildings along the property. I love the detail on it, and the soft cotton fabric is perfect for summer. Figue is well known for their ethnic inspired, bohemian style, and impeccable craftsmanship. They make a range of dresses, tops, caftans, and accessories. In my opinion, they are a perfect brand for vacation and destination wear, or if you live in a more tropical climate. You can shop their collection on Farfetch, but I got my dress at one of my favorite local boutiques here in Charlotte called Summerbird. Summerbird is amazing because they stock great brands, but it is also primarily designer consignment, meaning it is much better for the environment and your wallet!

Figue Dress - Currituck LighthouseCurrituck LighthouseMichael Kors Aviators - Figue Dress- Melissa SandalsCurrituck Lighthouse Currituck Lighthouse - Figue DressCurrituck Lighthouse and Boat HouseCurrituck Sound Figue Dress

I really don’t go anywhere without my Michael Kors Aviators, they are my favorite sunglasses. Also my David Yurman necklace, bracelet, and my Pandora bracelet. I was always fairly underwhelmed with Pandora, until I got one and began to treasure it’s sentimental value. When I get a new charm from somewhere I’ve visited, or from my mother or Kristen, I always have a strong memory associated with that moment in time. It is truly special and I am so glad I grew to love it. I think classic, staple jewelry pieces are key to a put together wardrobe, and especially when you go on vacation, it’s key to pack sparingly. I try to only bring what I need ( I used to have a major overpacking problem); less is truly more when it comes to hauling suitcases around. Since we had a beach house for the week and needed to bring so many things for it, I tried to pack as little clothing as possible. I think dresses like this one from Figue and staple accessories/jewelry are perfect packing elements for a beach trip this summer, and I know it served me well on mine.

Going back to the Currituck lighthouse was a great experience for me. I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager, and I think I appreciated it in a much different way this time around. ┬áThe lovely natural landscape and huge variety of plants and animals give me such a respect for nature. The Outer Banks is pretty pristine, and you can tell they value their land so much. I rarely saw any litter around, and everything looks well preserved. Given that I value sustainability, this was really important to me. It didn’t seem to have changed too much from when I was there over 10 years ago, and that is incredible! I also love history so much, and seeing what a rich history this place has to offer made it even more special to see again. I can’t wait to show you more photos from my trip to the Outer Banks this week and review some products as well! Until next time, hope everyone has an amazing week!

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