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It's a super rainy, gloomy day here in Charlotte, so I thought I'd brighten up the day by reviewing the gorgeous new Angels X Sinners Lip Storybook by LASplash Cosmetics. This is a bundle of the new Sinfully Angelic Diamond Lipglosses and Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipsticks packaged together in a gorgeous book style palette. I am just obsessed with the packaging, colors, and theme of this new lippie collection from LA Splash. As always with my blog, everything mentioned is cruelty-free and LA Splash products are made in the USA.

I will say, off the bat that the packaging is absolutely stunning! The distinct difference between both sides of the storybook make it obvious that the lipgloss and liquid lipsticks will be equally as different as the packaging. The lipglosses have a rose gold top and clear bottom to the tube with a little pink gem on the top, while the liquid lipstick has a matte black top and tube, with a red gem on the top. Both the gloss and lipstick have a very wide doe foot applicator, but I did notice that the two clear diamond glosses have a more traditional small doe foot applicator. I am not sure if this was meant to be that way or if it is just a packaging mistake.

All of the lippies have a vanilla-ish scent. On the lipglosses it is more noticeable, a very sweet vanilla scent. I like the smell, it's a pretty expected one for lip products. On the liquid lipsticks, I believe the scent is meant to be the same, but I do notice a more chemical kind of odor with these. The liquid lipstick formula is completely vegan, but the gloss does include beeswax in the ingredients listed on the website. So for those of you that are completely vegan with your makeup, you may not want to get the full set, or pass the glosses on to a friend.

Apart from the clear glosses, all of the colors are very opaque once applied which is perfect if you want to wear them alone without a lipstick under. The three I swatched on my lips are definitely my favorites of the glosses. It says on the website that the formula is supposed to be high shine, without the sticky feel that a lot of lipglosses have. I will say they aren't completely un-sticky, but there is a lot less stick than some. (haha). I really enjoy the formula and all of the colors are quite wearable. I do really hope that LASplash comes out with more of the metallic shades, as these are my favorites of the bunch.

As for the liquid lipsticks, I am pretty impressed by how quickly they dry to a matte finish. The swatches you see of all the colors on my arm were freshly done, but within a couple minutes on your lips, they are almost completely dry. The two colors on my lips you see are my favorite two, I do love the nude shades and think they are really wearable. I like the dark colors a lot too, particularly Fallen Angel and Vampire Fang, but as with any dark liquid lipsticks, you really need more than one coat to get the color to be opaque. Also, the darker colors do stain the skin a bit, so be aware of that. I would also recommend an oil based makeup remover or just a cleansing oil to break down the lipstick as something like a micellar water (which is what I used for the swatches) has a tough time taking these off. However, they are supposed to be waterproof for up to 4 hours so that should explain the tough removal. This is great though if you are going to a dinner or somewhere where you will be eating and drinking and don't want to have to touch up your lips.

Here is a youtube video on my channel of me unboxing the Angels X Sinners collection! Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe!

Overall, I really like the formula of both the glosses and the liquid lipsticks. If you are a makeup junkie, I think getting the set is totally worth it! Given how stunning the packaging is, you could definitely display it on a shelf or your vanity. Since the box says Angels X Sinners Volume 1, I really hope a Volume 2 is in the works! Again the set retails for $288.00 and you can get it here or you can purchase singles of the Sinfully Angelic Diamond Lipgloss here and the Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipsticks here which all retail for $18.00 each.

Tell me what you all think of these and which are your favorite colors in the bunch! I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.

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