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It’s been a crazy week this one- I apologize for my lack of blogs this week. I’ve had to have some work done at my house, patching nail pops, dry wall things, and it just seems to be taking all of the time I would otherwise be shooting photos and writing. It’s been a nightmare to try to film any Youtube videos as well, but I’ll have some new ones this weekend and next week. Plus, it rained for about 3 days straight, which really put a damper on my ability to do any outfit shoots. But never fear, those will be coming in the next couple days! I’ve also been busy drawing and painting, working on some new work that I am so excited to show you soon. I wanted to get quite a few pieces started before I blog about them here, but I worked on that for the bulk of the day while the guys were doing construction inside my house.

Since everything’s been crazy for me and I know I can’t be the only one, I wanted to just do a simple post today, mostly photos, and share with you an experience I never blogged about. When I went to Scandinavia 2 summers ago. I absolutely love travel, and I love history, so Scandinavia has always been on my list of places to go. My partner and I had a limited amount of time (about 2.5 weeks) to travel out of the country that summer due to both of our jobs, but we decided to make the most of it and head to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway for 2 weeks. I have to say, it was plenty of time to see all of the things on our major list, but I definitely feel I could have spent at least 2 more weeks there; I would go back any chance I got!


I am such an art history junkie; one of the things I loved most were all of the gorgeous museums and artifacts.  America is such a young country, when you go to Europe, you see ancient things that you otherwise wouldn’t in the USA. Don’t get me wrong, we have a very rich history, but these Viking Ships that were in Denmark were from around year 900-1000CE! The culture in Scandinavia is also very rich, the people are sweet and full of life. Theres tons of color everywhere and the landscape is stunning. We took quite a few, maybe one too many boat rides around the cities we were in, because obviously most of these cities are bordered by the gorgeous fjords. It’s such a stunning landscape and very inspiring to me as an artist and designer. Actually, the photo of the colorful houses on the hill in Oslo inspired a watercolor painting that I turned into a textile print for my Spring 17′ collection! Going across Norway on the train from Oslo to Bergen was also an incredible experience. In Oslo it was quite warm and sunny (We were there in June), and then as you climb higher and higher across the country there was snow everywhere! Even one town that didn’t have driving roads! You really could only get around via train; I thought it was so beautiful. I was just so inspired by the rich landscape and culture, I thought I’d share it with you tonight.

Traveling is so important to me; I try to do it as often as I can, though I feel it’s not often enough. I believe we have so much to learn by visiting other places, seeing museums and art from other cultures. It really sort of puts you in your place in the grand scheme of the world. Have you guys been to Scandinavia? Tell me about your trip there and what you loved most. We had an amazing time, I’d love to go back there someday soon. On my travel list next?

-Hawaii (hopefully this year)

-National Parks in the USA that I haven’t seen

-French Canada

-South Pacific – Asia Area

EVERYWHERE. I want to see the whole world. As an artist, it just fuels my inspiration to see new places, nature, people, and learn all I can about the world.

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