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I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I know I've been hard at work on some new projects I'll be sharing with you soon; painting, patternmaking for new designs, and of course, working on my blog! I am so happy I started this project, and I am thrilled to continue to share amazing brands with you that are conscious about production, ethics, the environment, animals, and most importantly..you. People. It's amazing how often I believe we neglect ourselves. We are so consumed with work, our families, friends, and even pets, that we let ourselves and our needs go to the wayside. That is why I am always on the hunt for new amazing skincare. It is a self pampering ritual that I believe really keeps me in check. Taking good care of my skin started for me about 6 years ago when I had a bad bout of acne for a couple years. It was due to going off birth control pills, hormonal chaos in my body, not eating the right things, and a huge load of stress from college. My skin has also always been incredibly sensitive since I was a child. I'm one of those people who can't use laundry detergent that has fragrance in it because I get crazy itchy skin! Once I got my hormones in check and started a more strict, highly plant based diet and my acne started clearing up, I began the search for natural skincare that didn't have super harsh chemical ingredients would still keep my skin healthy, glowing, clean, and balanced. I really like brands that use tons of natural, plant based ingredients, and keep it simple. Beyond wanting to feel good about myself and my skin, I care a lot about the environment, and brands that want to make great products that care about the future of the planet. #beautythatcares

When I heard about Careology Skincare , I knew this would be a brand I had to check out. Their philosophy is that they are dedicated to producing natural, artisanal skincare for people with sensitive and easily irritated skin. Seriously, it's like they were speaking directly to me! Harsh skincare always made my skin feel irritated, even if it wasn't causing acne breakouts, I would get red, inflamed skin that just felt tender and..not right. Careology carefully tests all of their ingredients (never on animals!) in small batches to ensure the skincare works for those with even the most sensitive skin. Everything is made in America, and they also donate a portion of all sales to cancer research. How amazing is that?

I have been trying the two products available in the Careology line for a little over a week right now, and so far I am incredibly pleased! The line includes the Sweet Raspberry Softening Facial Cleanser and the Sweet Raspberry Soy Recovery Night Cream. There are no harsh chemicals, sulfates, carcinogens, artificial colors or fragrances, and no GMOs or parabens in either product. So you can feel super happy for your skin every time you wash up!

The face wash is so heavenly. I absolutely love the raspberry scent, it is soft enough to not be overpowering, but sweet enough to put a smile right on your face every time. It just smells natural, like real fruit, and that to me is exactly what I want! The face cleanser uses raspberry oil that has vitamins A and E to feed skin nutrients and enzymes to restore and repair sensitive skin. It is a hydrating formula that when mixed with water has a milky, cream consistency that cleans my skin gently, but very effectively. They also have included exfoliating jojoba seeds to gently exfoliate skin. I really like that these were added to the cleanser because I feel it just adds that gently push of exfoliation that my skin needs. Plus they are environmentally friendly unlike plastic microbeads that are in some face cleansers. Who wants their face wash clogging the ocean? Not me. I feel that this face wash does an awesome job on my skin. It feels clean, bright, and my face is actually looking less red and inflamed. My skin gets that way so easily from the least little thing and I really feel this is starting to calm it down, which I love. I would recommend that at night you use your normal makeup remover or an oil cleanser makeup remover (my preferred method) to get your makeup off before you use this cleanser. Since it is such a gentle cleanser, it won't really remove stubborn full coverage foundation completely, which is fine with me. I have been on a double cleanse regiment at night for about a year now, and I don't think I could do without it. I use an oil cleanser first to remove my makeup, and then I wash my face with my regular face wash. For me, it's the best way, plus you don't rub your eyes so hard, the oil breaks the makeup down really well.

The Sweet Raspberry Soy Recovery Night Cream is definitely one of the best night creams I've used. The texture is perfect; it's creamy, thick, but blends in well so your skin doesn't feel weighed down before you sleep. I have combination skin, but I do not feel that this has in any way made my skin more oily than normal. I was a little nervous initially when I saw that it included soy, but it hasn't irritated my skin at all. Sometimes if I eat too much soy products (I'm a long time vegetarian), my skin will break out a little. I haven't noticed it with this night cream whatsoever, so don't feel hesitant if you're sensitive to soy like me. There's no GMOs in the product at all, so I feel that helps tremendously. The night cream includes shea butter and jojoba oil to nourish and repair skin, and it is loaded with vitamins A, E, and B3 to provide antioxidants and enzymes. My skin feels very soft since I have been using the night cream and I do think it has helped ease any irritation or breakout that I have had. Plus it has the amazing raspberry scent that I seriously don't think I could live without!

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled that I started using this skincare. I think it is a beautiful, affordable option for people with sensitive skin that is handcrafted, made in small batches, and never tested on animals. I feel great that I've partnered with this growing company and can share a discount code for you to use on your purchase with them! If you're looking for something natural, good for your skin, that won't irritate it, this is definitely a good line to try out! I am just waiting on Careology to expand their line now! If you are in the Minnesota or Wisconsin area, they also have some spa retail partners that you can check out on their website here.

I hope you all love this post and go get started on your journey with natural, sustainable, skincare that is gentle and effective!

** Please note that although I am an affiliate of Careology Skincare, as always I have tried and tested the product and all opinions are my own**

Products mentioned:

Sweet Raspberry Softening Facial Cleanser: $29.00 Get it here

Sweet Raspberry Soy Recovery Night Cream: $58.00 Get it here

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