Hello Darlings! My dearest apologies for my long absence. The start of this summer has unfortunately not gone as I planned; life had many things in mind that weren’t according to my ‘plan’. Sometimes it works that way I suppose? Anywho, since I am focusing on making my blog about a lot more than just style, beauty, etc. I wanted to spend today discussing something that I feel has made a huge difference in my life lately. Having some ‘me’ time every day. Gardening is something new for me this year, I watched my mom do it when I was younger, and always felt it was a little beyond me. I didn’t think I had a green thumb whatsoever. Back in the spring, I got the grand idea to start an edible garden on my back patio. It’s since flourished so much that it’s growing to my front porch and balcony as well! In other words, I want to discuss my love of gardening, why it means a lot to me, and how it has brought ‘me’ time back into my life.

When I started growing my seeds back in the spring, I had no idea what would happen. Is my patio too sunny? Will they be able to grow in pots? I live in a townhome, so I don’t have enough space for a full blown in ground garden right now. But my patio is spacious, and I knew I could fit plenty of pots on it. After a couple weeks, the seeds started to sprout and my little babies were off! I decided to not allow stress into the situation, and just to take it one day at a time. I started checking on them every day, and soon enough, it became part of my ‘me’ time. Once the little seedlings were ready to put in pots, I had the learning experience of picking out soil, what kind of pots I wanted, learning about fertilizer, and so many other things! It became a small part of my day to day routine; taking a little time to research, learn about gardening, and decide what to do with my little guys!

My banana and jalapeno pepper plants have been doing pretty good! I got these wooden raised planters and put them together for some of my herbs and these peppers. In hindsight, the pepper plants should have been in their own containers so they could grow larger, but I started new peppers on my front porch this week so I’m not worried! These have been pretty fruitful so far! Below you’ll see some photos of the peppers I picked this morning. The herbs in this pot however have absolutely taken over! I have orange and chocolate mint in here as well as some basil. The basil got way to much rain early on and wilted, so I cut it down low so it could start again. The mint however is bursting at the seams! This stuff loves to grow and grow it does! I’m planning to start traditionally hang drying these herbs next week and making some body scrubs and goodies out of them, so hopefully I’ll have some DIYs for you guys!

This is the top of one of my zucchini plants! It got absolutely huge, but it isn’t producing much fruit. I’ve gotten one great zucchini from it so far. A few have started, but wilted before it grew much. So part of my ‘me’ time I’m gaining from this gardening experience is learning how to keep these things thriving! Since all of my seeds are organic, I didn’t want to put too many pesticides or chemical fertilizers on them. So I’ve used some researched home remedies for little bugs and other things and for now, it’s done pretty well. I have so enjoyed watching this huge plant grow from absolutely nothing! Little squash seeds can become something so beautiful and thriving. I love so much taking care of my plants, it’s a little moment of peace that I get to enjoy every day. Hence my ‘me’ time.

Gumbo loves sitting with me and watching me tend to the plants. he’s even tried to dig a couple of them up when he’s feeling frisky! He absolutely loves to smell the herbs as well, especially the lavender and the purple basil! I love my herbs so much, they grow very fast and they add so much spice and flavor to dishes. Being able to cook dinner, walk outside and clip some rosemary or holy basil to add to my food is such a pleasure. That is definitely something I get out of this ‘me’ time. I have a more special relationship with the food I’m cooking, because I grew some of the ingredients! Doing this project has really made me realize that the creative person I am also needs some simple, beautiful things in life. Watching something grow from nothing and tending to it is sort of a spiritual experience. The plants can’t talk to me, but they make me happy. They make me feel fruitful and in a mental state of peace. I absolutely would love to have a large garden someday and make produce baskets for my friends and just people in general! I think we have a deeper relationship with our food now than we did a few days ago, and people crave something homemade; homegrown. My ‘me’ time lately, has been about cultivating something special. Something that is just for me, and brings me joy.

I know that with all the stresses of our modern lives, it can seem impossible to ‘get away’. To have something that is special, but doesn’t have any impact on your professional life, or makes you ‘successful’. Having some ‘me’ time is important for all of us, and for me, its this.

Are you all gardening this year? If so, what kinds of veggies and things do you grow? I’d love to hear any of your tips and tricks!

Until next time!
With Love,



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