Hello Darlings! I hope everyone’s Monday has been great so far. Mine’s been okay; I’m feeling a little under the weather, but I think I’m just tired from this weekend. I was in Atlanta with one of my very best friends, Jen, and we had a great time! I have the outstanding pleasure of being the person who is designing her wedding gown, so we went mostly to shop for fabrics for the dress, but we were also able to have some fun in the city and also hit up the Renaissance Faire on Saturday! The faire is one of my favorite places to go, it’s just such a fun time if you like fantasy, costumes, and flower crowns. So, since I was so inspired from all the beautiful fairies I saw at the Renaissance Faire this weekend, I thought I would share this fun look with you today complete with a gorgeous flower crown that I made.

I also wanted to discuss an interesting topic and one close to my heart: being yourself. Self expression is a beautiful thing, and I am lucky enough to live in a place where I can wear whatever I please. I think so many of us take that for granted. We see clothing as just the things that keep us from being naked instead of part of who we are as people or a form of expressing ourselves. When I started this blog, I had the intention of letting you all see me for me. Get to know me on a much more personal level, share with you the things I’m passionate about, share my art and clothing design, and empower other women and men to love fashion, art, and everything in between. Getting wrapped into just wanting to show you ‘what’s hot right now’ is easy. But…that isn’t all I want this to be about. I will admit for sure, it’s easy to feel like you have to look a certain way to be ‘accepted’ in the blogging community. It can be easy to say; what will they think if I wear my flower crown, do crazy makeup looks, wear something that could be a costume? But, this is me, being myself, so I’m going to do it, and I don’t care if its easy.

Flower Crown - With Love, Aubrey Flower Crown White Romper

I’ve always been someone who was never afraid of fashion; I’ve had so many different styles over the years from punk to goth to bohemian to 50’s pinup and tons of things in between. It was always an internal battle of, who am I showing to the world? I could never settle on one thing, because I have a ton of different interests and passions in life. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve stuck with things I love most. Fantasy, literature, comic books, art, writing, nature, history, fashion, and of course makeup and beauty. I love the fantasy and sci-fi genres of books, television, and movies. Have ever since I can remember. I love to get lost in far off places and imagine I’m a citizen of another world. Places like the Renaissance Faire have always been where I expressed that, and not so much in my day to day fashion life. Maybe when I was back in college at arts school. As you start to get older, you worry about being accepted a lot more; at least I have. But, it’s a huge part of who I am. The Lord Of The Rings are one of my favorite book and movie series, and I’ve always thought I was an Elf princess in another life. Heck, my name (Aubrey) means Elf Ruler. Got to be some kind of connection there, right?  So, what I’m getting at is I’m starting to let that side show more. I don’t want to hide those things about me to try to ‘fit in’ as a blogger because it’s who I am. I love flower crowns because they make me feel like a fairy princess; and they look totally awesome too.

In college, I studied a lot of art history as well as fashion history. I’ve always been fascinated with Medieval and Renaissance art and fashion. The way women were depicted in art and portraits is so interesting. There tends to be heavy symbolism in the way they are posed, things like how their hands look can mean something you’d not necessarily notice immediately. I try to do that sometimes when I pose for photos. There’s maybe a little hidden meaning in the way my hands are being held or the colors are symbolic of something. Here, I wanted to represent Spring. The birth of life and the gratitude toward mother nature; who sustains our lives. I had planned to do these photos in this park near my house because theres a ton of open green space and I thought it would contrast well to the white romper I’m wearing and my flower crown that I made for the outfit. Then I saw this massive tree that had fallen down from a storm the night before and it turned into something so much more than a nice contrast of colors.

Flower Crown White Romper Bell Sleeves Flower Crown White Romper Bell Sleeves Flower Crown White Romper Floral Print Bell Sleeves Flower Crown White Romper Bell Sleeves

Flower crowns have been worn throughout history in many cultures as an accessory for celebrations. Today, I’m celebrating nature, and my love for feeling at one with it’s magic. They have floated in and out of fashion since then, and have made a resurgence in popularity in recent years for weddings and in editorial fashion photography. They traditionally symbolize love, fertility, and celebration, so there really is no reason not to love a flower crown. You can read more about the history of flower crowns here.

My flower crown is meant to symbolize wild beauty. The roses are of course beautiful; most people like roses, but the grassy pieces are a little more wild. More unknown. This is the way I see nature in general. There are things that are conventionally beautiful, and then some things you need to look a little harder. I have so much respect for it, the wild beauty in the natural world, and seeing this tree down in the middle of the park left me with a massive feeling of reverence. Something that has lived such a long life, served as a home for who knows how many birds and squirrels; gone…just like that. It’s beautiful, but some might see it as just an inconvenience.  I paired my flower crown with this white romper from the brand Chloe & Katie, which you can find at Nordstrom or Tilly’s. I really enjoy rompers in the spring and summer because they’re just so easy and typically cool in hot weather. This one feels very pixie like to me and I love the bell sleeves. I’ll link some similar shopping options for you below. I paired the whole outfit with my absolute favorite sandals from Melissa. These have little wings, angels, and other objects on them and are a gorgeous rose gold color. As always with Melissa shoes, they are made out of recyclable plastic, which is also great.

Flower Crown White Romper Floral Print Bell Sleeves Flower Crowns White Romper Bell Sleeves

I hope you learned a little more about me today while reading this. Wearing a flower crown isn’t all this is about after all, but I just wanted to talk about being myself; not being afraid to wear my flower crown and talk about why my personal aesthetic is what it is. Being yourself isn’t just about the ethics you choose or the company you keep; it’s about the things you’re passionate about and the things you love. My love of fantasy and history influences my style choices a lot, so I think it’s important you know that side of me as well. I don’t want to come on this blog and only talk about why I love an outfit I’m wearing, so I intend to talk to you all a lot more about other subjects that interest me. Books, art, fantasy. And I won’t be afraid to either. Because it’s good to just be yourself.

Here’s a few links to some awesome hand made flower crowns like the one I made for this look:



I’d love to hear about what influences your personal style! Tell me in the comments, do you have any personal interests that have impacted what you like to wear?

With Love,




2 comments on “Flower Crowns And Being Yourself”

  1. Girl you look stunning in this post! I absolutely love your flower crown it’s amazing. I’m glad you’re showing more of who you are on here instead of what everyone wants to see, authencity is a lost art these days so I admire you for staying true to who you are and what you love. Great job babe this post is beautiful ❤️

    • Thanks so much darling! It means a lot to me to be authentic on my blog so I’m glad you like it! This flower crown was so fun to make too, I’m thinking of doing more soon!


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