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If you follow me on Instagram, or we’re friends on facebook and in real life I am sure you know that I had the amazing opportunity to visit Cancun, Mexico this past week! Let me tell you….I already miss it. Between the stunning scenery, beautiful and kind people, and amazing resort, I was ready to move in for real. My girlfriend and I went with quite a few couples from the company she works for and we all had an incredible time. It was such an amazing bonding experience as well as relaxing vacation time.

We stayed at the Le Blanc Spa Resort; and if you are planning a trip to Cancun I highly recommend it. It is an all inclusive resort and you get credits for things like romantic dinners and spa treatments based on the number of days you stay. Also, it is an adults-only property, so it is pretty quiet if you are there mostly for the relaxation.

First things first, the beach is absolutely stunning! Cancun is situated on the peninsula that borders the Caribbean sea, so the ocean has that amazing turquoise to green to deep blue gradient. I was astounded at how very beautiful it really is. I am a Cancer, born June 25, so I feel very spiritually connected to the ocean and sea. Hearing the rustle of the waves just calms me in a way nothing else does. Knowing that a whole word lies under the blue surface is so fascinating as well. I want to get SCUBA certified so I can go diving sometime! Have you ever been diving? Tell me about the experience. I am doing 2 blogs on Cancun, and this one I am reserving more for beach and an outfit shoot, so you will see more nature and hotel photos in my next post.

Tuesday night we did a beach dinner inside one of the hotel cabanas, so I decided to do an outfit shoot before the dinner started. This lighting is everything! The sun set a little later than at home this time of year, so I was lucky to get that perfect evening sunset. I got too much sun that day at the pool (my only regret from the whole trip!) so I wanted to dress comfortably for dinner. I am wearing one of my favorite tops from J.Crew and a linen wrap maxi skirt from my own brand Aubrey Busek. I also have on my favorite Michael Kors aviators, a necklace from Fedora boutique in Wilmington and my fave new sandals from Melissa.







This blouse from J.Crew remains one of my favorites across many seasons. In the winter I will put a cardigan or jacket over it and in the summer I wear it as you see here. It looks great with jeans, shorts, skirts, etc, and the blue is gorgeous and would flatter many skin tones. I have a similar style in a blood orange color from last year and I hope that this year they also have a similar style, it is just so cute and feminine! I love anything with high collars, ruffles, pleats, and a general pirate/victorian aesthetic. I like to mix elements of fantasy into very wearable outfits for a whimsical look.

The linen skirt is from my Spring/ Summer 2017 collection. It is a wrap skirt with a cotton lining to minimize the linen wrinkling. Honestly, linen has a bad reputation for that, but if the garment is well made and you care for it properly, this wont be a problem! It is, in my opinion, one of the absolute best fibers out there and I love working with it. I added a beaded trim for some textural interest on the hem as well. In general, you could wear this skirt so many ways and it makes a great compliment to the gorgeous Mexican sand! You can inquire about the skirt on my website here.

These shoes! I can’t say enough fun things about these shoes. I really love what an amazing job Melissa does with their sandals. They are made out of recyclable plastic which I think is just awesome. I have quite a few pairs now and I love each and every one. They are feminine, but streamlined, and come in the most perfect colors. These are the Barocca sandal in Rose Gold. I also have them in the plain Gold color as well. love them! They have Hermes wings on the front!!

My sunglasses are the Michael Kors ‘Zanzibar’ style, and I adore them.  I purchased them at Nordstrom, where I shop a lot. I used to feel like aviator sunglasses were not for my face shape, but I found these and loved the rose gold with the tinted lens. The best thing about the lens is that they don’t make everything look super dark like a lot of sunglasses do, and I think the shape is delicate enough for a more rounded small face like mine.

All in all our beach dinner was amazing. The chef was kind enough to make a custom vegetarian meal for us to accommodate for the normal menu they serve having meat. One thing I noticed in Mexico was just how kind the people at the resort were about making changes to the food offerings. They were always willing to go the extra mile and make custom options for us being veggie and to me that speaks volumes about the level of service they provide. The dinner had a drinks pairing with the courses, and the dessert was amazing! It was a wine soaked pear with sauce in the middle. Incredible for sure!!

My next post will include more photos of the beach, hotel and more so stay tuned!

Outfit Details:

Shirt: J.Crew old style but similar here | Skirt: Aubrey Busek, order here | Shoes: Melissa they are on sale! buy here | Sunglasses: Michael Kors | Necklace: Fedora Boutique in Wilmington (I am pretty sure it is artist made) similar pendant style available here


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