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I hope everyone is having a great week. I know mine has been busy with work for the blog, a custom piece I’m designing for a friend and more. I am hard at work creating the perfect blog schedule for this site, and I will be rolling that out on all of my social media very soon. Since spring is pretty much in full swing here in Charlotte, I figured I would start talking about building a perfect spring/summer closet. Many people in the conscious fashion community talk a lot about capsule wardrobes. It is an idea that I am still working on implementing with my own closet. I am not one to readily get rid of clothing, as I tend to buy and acquire pieces that I really care about. Also, throwing away clothing is much worse for the environment than it is to say..wear what you have and create new looks with pieces you already own? Anyway, I intend to make lots of posts here about wardrobe curating and more, but for now I wanted to talk about steps in creating what I consider a perfectly bold, statement making outfit.

Foxcroft Collection is a clothing brand that was started 30 years ago with the idea to create a perfect women’s button down shirt. I would absolutely say the button-down is a staple of women all over the world, no matter if you are a working #girlboss, or a stay at home mom. The ease of a button down means that you look absolutely polished with little effort and I love that idea. Plus, they can be worn with literally anything and everything creating tons of outfit ideas with what you may already have in your closet. Now that is a must-have piece of clothing! Foxcroft designs all of their clothing in the USA, crafts in small batch production and takes great care in the quality of their garments. Ethically speaking, that is really important to me in choosing pieces of clothing. I like knowing that brands work to make sure that their customer is happy, but not only that, that they are doing their part as a business to create a better industry. Foxcroft also crafts many of their pieces with wrinkle-free finishes to ensure that you can wash, dry, and then wear with ease.

The Gigi Eyelet Shirt in red has got to be one of my new favorite springtime shirts. Over the last year, I have been trying to be really conscious abut creating a more mindful wardrobe. This means that when I go shopping or get a new piece of clothing, I am thinking about things like ‘Do I already have something like this’, ‘how will this fit in my current closet and what will I be able to wear it with’. When I saw this blouse, I knew it would fit in to my wardrobe just right. This shirt is 100% cotton, and its a very durable fabric. I am a big believer in wearing natural fibers over synthetics as they just wear better on the body. The red color of this is so bold, and I love the primary red hue. It is almost a poppy red, but more of a true red. This means it looks great with so many colors. I chose to pair it with a blue cotton pencil skirt here, but this would also look perfect with blue or white denim, leggings (it has a high/low hem), a maxi skirt, or slacks for the office! It is unlined, so I wore a red bandeau underneath since my skirt was high-waisted, but you could also easily wear a camisole underneath for more coverage. This blouse comes in sizes 2-18, which is a great size range offered, and is also available in black. I have on the size 2 here and it fits very nicely. It is not super fitted, which is great for warmer weather, and I love the 3/4 sleeve.

When curating your closet, I think it is very important to realize that not every single item you see has to be a statement making one. It is imperative to also have classic, versatile pieces that you can pair with more statement pieces to create lots of outfits. I think the Foxcroft brand has done an amazing job of sort of re-imagining the classic pieces a woman’s wardrobe needs. Because they offer solids and prints, it allows you the ability to mix and match really well. I would consider this blouse a classic silhouette, because of the button down shape, but the bold color and eyelet makes it almost a statement piece. However, I see so much versatility and wearability in it, and I think I can pair it with so many things. Maybe that will be a challenge; how many outfits can I create with one top? Let me know in the comments if you think that is something you’d like to see.

I wanted to pair this with a fun necklace, so I put it with one from a local boutique in my neighborhood called Pura Vida Wordly Art. They carry clothing, accessories, art, and homewares from all over the world. It is such a fun little store; check it out if you’re in NoDa!


My little dog Gumbo loves to sit out on my patio, which is where I took these photos, so I brought him in for a couple shots. Isn’t he so adorable?! He’s a dachshund/yorkie mix and he is absolutely my very best friend and ultimate sidekick. The skirt I paired this blouse with is from Anthropologie ( I bought it on sale last year), and my shoes are from The Espadrille Store, which I mentioned in another post. I love those shoes, I wear them seriously all spring and summer long. They are so comfortable and look great with any outfit. My headband is from Versona, and I love the little sparkles on top. Definitely jazzes up any look. My sofa and pillows if anyone is interested are both from Frontgate. The sofa is the aluminum material and I absolutely love it. it holds up to weather well and the cushions are so comfortable.

I hope you all enjoy this fun, bold outfit and my ideas about wardrobe building. I’ll be posting more and more about creating a more conscious wardrobe, working with things you already have to build new looks, but the most important thing I can tell you is to buy pieces you love! There is nothing worse than looking in your closet and thinking..I have nothing to wear that makes me truly happy. Having items of clothing that speak to who you are as a person and make you feel good on the inside will make getting dressed every day so much more fun. I can assure you that this top right here definitely makes me feel amazing when I have it on and the bold red color certainly speaks to my outgoing personality!

** Post is sponsored by Foxcroft Collection, but please note all opinions are as always genuine and my own**

Outfit Details:

Blouse: Foxcroft $98.00 also available in Black- get it here !

Skirt: Anthropologie – Old but similar color here

Shoes: Espadrille Store – Get them here 


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