Aubrey is a North Carolina native who made her way to Charlotte via Atlanta, GA in 2014. This was post graduation from Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta where she received her Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts in Fashion Design with honors. Aubrey has been developing her namesake brand since graduation. But that was never going to be enough. Due to having many varying interests alongside fashion including beauty, sustainability, healthy living, writing, fine art, 'all things nerdy', and history among others; thus this blog has come into play. This is the place where you will find posts about personal style, cruelty free and organic beauty, sustainable fashion and do-good brands, fine art, and much more, plus a journal of Aubrey's design endeavors. Aubrey's main mission is to help women realize you can be smart, nerdy, goofy, conscious, and live a glamorous lifestyle all at the same time; and that beauty is definitely not just skin deep. So join us on this journey, and please leave us your feedback and ideas!

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